Bayou Classic 700-701 (4-Gallon) Review

Bayou Classic 700-701 (4-Gallon) Review

Regardless of whether you’re cooking in an expert setting or for a huge social affair, the Bayou Classic 700-701 will take care of business. It offers a treated steel base with a propane tank attached. To consider more regular tallness, the base accompanies expansion legs.

With this propane deep fryer, you will have the option to utilize two bins to deep fry a great deal of food on the double. Shockingly better, with its V-tank plan, the oil stays warm regardless of how much food you throw into it. This fryer would make an incredible expansion for your terrace for parties, family social events, and the sky is the limit from there.

Who is this item for?

This item is incredible for anybody that needs to broil food in an open-air setting. In the event that you’ve utilized a propane barbecue previously, or know how they work, there’s not a lot of new things to learn.

Truly what it comes down to is the kind of food you appreciate deep singing, for the number of individuals, and how regularly. A few nourishments are difficult to fry inside the home since they can be cumbersome. Nourishments, for example, chicken wings or fish can occupy a ton of room.

The Bayou Classic 700-701 can without much of a stretch handle these sorts of food. The other factor is what number of individuals do you regularly plan to deep fry for?

With an indoor home fryer, on the off chance that you have a major family or social affair, you’ll need to make extra bunches, at times some more. It would be a lot simpler to chop those bunches down in a huge fryer that won’t drop in temperature as you fry increasingly more food.

What’s incorporated?

The Bayou Classic 700-701 comes bundled in a 47-pound box. You’ll see that the pieces are free from any danger during the conveyance cycle. When you have all the pieces, you’ll see that this Bayou deep fryer is very simple to amass. Notwithstanding its bigger size, it should just require around 15-30 minutes to amass, contingent upon your mastery.

Outline of highlights

Let’s start with the size of the Bayou Classic 700-701. Generally speaking, the unit weighs 45 pounds, a few extra pounds on the off chance that you incorporate the delivery box and bundling. I call attention to this to guarantee it’s got a genuine tempered steel structure.

All the more critically is the stature of the unit. With the augmentation legs, the fryer should rest at about midriff level in case you’re around 6”. This will obviously fluctuate somewhat dependent on your stature, and the legs are not movable.

It shouldn’t be an issue in case you’re somewhat more limited, as it’ll basically come up nearer toward your stomach/chest. In any case, in case you’re amazingly tall, this unit could be excessively short for you.

Rundown of little frill/highlights with the unit

This deep fryer accompanies two containers, both of which are connectable to the highest point of the fryer, so the food can dribble dry over the oil once the cooking is finished.

  • Despite the fact that it’s prescribed to have your own thermometer, there is a temperature check on the actual unit.
  • Handles are on the unit to help lift when not being used.
  • The V-Bottom plan takes into account an undeniably proficient fryer. The lower part of the fryer where the free particles fall offers a cooler temp, keeping the particles from consuming. This additionally helps keep the oil you’re broiling hot and stable.

Wellbeing Tips for the Bayou Classic 700-701

These wellbeing tips for the Bayou Classic 700-701 are taken straightforwardly from their manual, which you can likewise discover here.

  • This unit is for outside as it were.
  • The Bayou Classic fryer isn’t be utilized on decks or any area with overhead surfaces. Steam should have the option to stream openly up, without getting caught (thus the no inside guideline).
  • The unit normally gets incredibly hot and shouldn’t be contacted without defensive hardware until 2 hours after it is been killed.
  • Never close the top while preheating or cooking.
  • Continuously utilize a thermometer to monitor oil temperatures.

Instructions to utilize it

Prior to utilizing this unit, you’ll need to ensure you’re in the correct climate. Is it true that you are 10 feet from any design and 25 feet from any combustible fluids?

It is safe to say that you are on a solid or comparable ground surface? (Try not to utilize this unit on your deck). Do you have clear space over your fryer? No shades or anything that would trap in vapor. In case you’re all reasonable, you can start warming up your unit.

To warm up your Bayou Classic 700-701 fryer, you’ll need a propane tank to connect to your fryer. This is finished by a get-together hose. When associated, you can turn on your propane tank gas stream and guarantee the fire illuminates. The fryer doesn’t take long to warm up, it very well might be just about as speedy as 10 minutes.

When warming up the fryer, it is prescribed to keep your bushes in with the oil. While it might sound odd, having the bushels previously preheated will help keep players from adhering to the actual bins.

In case you’re searing numerous bunches, this is truly just an issue with your first group since after the primary clump your bushels will probably stay warm until the unit is killed.

When warmed, lift your bins, empty the food into the crates, and afterward drop the food gradually into the fryer. Guarantee someone is there to guarantee the oil stays at an appropriate level consistently, as a security safety measure more than everything else.

When done, lift your food up and connect it to the openings at the highest point of the fryer to allow the food to hang over the oil and dribble dry a little prior to taking the food totally out.

Continue by killing your gas and permitting the fryer to cool for two hours prior to endeavoring to deplete the oil and clearing out the fryer.

How the Bayou Classic 700-701 Stands Out

There are a couple of key territories where the highlights coordinate with the creation and effectiveness of the unit.

1) One of the best things about this fryer is that even at its size, it will arrive at a temperature and keep up regardless of how much food you put in it. A few fryers will in general drop temp when you put a lot of cold food into it, which bodes well. Nonetheless, with the Bayou Classic 700-701, your ideal temperature will hold no ifs, and, or buts.

2) Another incredible element in this fryer is its depleting framework. It’s brisk and simple to utilize and effective in clearing the oil out to some extent. With the unit comes a channel valve and hose. In the event that you have a quite durable holder to hold your oil for its next use, the depleting cycle shouldn’t require over five minutes.

How it could improve?

Despite the fact that the Bayou Classic 700-701 is an incredibly deep fryer, it has what some may see as imperfections. To begin with, the extender legs don’t offer such a wheel, which means it tends to be a little trouble to move around when not being used, contingent upon the strength of the individual moving it around.

Besides, the fire isn’t totally encased, which means solid breezes can blow it out. We’re talking genuine solid breezes. Any light breeze won’t influence the fire, particularly in the event that you have the fryer confronting the correct course.

In conclusion, the commotion of the fryer as the oil is warmed may shock someone who has never utilized this sort of fryer. It’s a major impeccable edge with consuming oil.

Indeed, even with the open-top, it will get noisy. No chance someone unintentionally chances upon this thing not knowing it’s on. This is less of how this fryer could improve and all the more an admonition so no one is astonished by how noisy it is.

In general, this is an incredible little fryer, ideal for convenient use or putting away in a little space. It is most appropriate for individual or family use. Ensure you check the measurements and figure out which size is best for your requirements.


Generally speaking the Bayou Classic 700-701 is a monster of a fryer. It’ll prepare a ton of food without a moment’s delay. Its plan encourages it heats up quickly and stay warm regardless of what you toss in your fryer. It’s a unit that is truly just vital in the event that you plan on fricasseeing for 6+ individuals on numerous events consistently.

Regardless of whether your family is just enormous or you appreciate social affairs with companions or families, the Bayou Classic 700-701 will take care of business generally speaking. Due to its sheer estimate, depleting the oil is excessively simple permitting you to save the vast majority of your oil for next use, which is significant on the grounds that a huge fryer takes in a great deal of oil.

One of the essential drawbacks of this fryer is that it doesn’t accompany an arrangement of wheels, which means the fryer can be somewhat abnormal to move around into or out of a capacity region. By and large, we’d suggest the Bayou Classic 700-701 on the grounds that it accomplishes more right than not, even at its exorbitant cost point.