Bayou Classic SP10 Review

Bayou Classic SP10 Review

Do you fry food in your kitchen often? I wouldn’t know about you, but I like frying some HOT stuff in my kitchen and stove top. I fancy having cooked fish, fried chicken, mashed cornmeal. I also enjoy other things that I may have to fry in peanut oil. But I hate the mess it makes. Can you relate? I sure have a splatter shield, but… they just take half of it back.

The Bayou Classic SP10 seems to be everyone’s favorite burner when it comes to deep-frying. Even so, you’ll be able to do more than just deep fry with this. You shouldn’t have any problems preparing outdoors with the parts, from its build quality to its smart nature. Sure, this Bayou Classic is doing the trick. Use an extra LP cylinder and fry OUTSIDE ready where any chaos is quick. A lot of you readers have been asking me to post a review on the Bayou Classic SP10. So, here we are! Keep reading to find out more!

My Review of the Bayou Classic High-Pressure Cooker

Why did I think about buying the Bayou Classic High-Pressure Cooker? I mostly required something for cooking an outdoor wok. I would say that it was a source of frustration because of the high heat. But, I read a few of the complaints on Amazon that listed poor heat production and such and I was a little skeptical.

I still went ahead and decided to purchase it. The Bayou Classic High-Pressure Cooker arrives mostly assembled together. The LP gas feed tube has to be assembled, but it is quite simple. To guarantee that your LP feed tube does not spill any gas, make sure to follow the guidelines. I would say it is still well worth the added effort.

It seems like the design standard, fit and finish are very good. I have used the Bayou Classic High-Pressure Cooker SP10 just a fair few times, but time will tell if it is going to last long well. There isn’t anything to go incorrectly, really. I used the Bayou Classic High-Pressure Cooker SP10 a few times for shrimp boils as well.

To use solely for this application, I bought a decent 12" cast iron skillet. Bought a pre-seasoned one from the Lodge. Gently heated it with some peanut oil to temp and re-seasoned just to be sure. If you are experienced with cast iron cooking equipment, you probably know that its adversary is dishwashing soap.

I could see some fairly problematic burner stands on the marketplace. As the system heated, one of the new stands will potentially begin to crumble under negligible quantities of weight. However, you shouldn’t have to think about that with the Bayou Classic SP10. This is surely an underrated element. Also, your flame will be shielded by the protected walls, thanks to the 360° Wind Protection feature, so you will not have to relight the flame repeatedly.

Till now, my friends and I have tried using the burner on concrete and on dirt or gravel. The uniformity of the design is fantastic, offering the Bayou Classic High-Pressure Cooker SP10 with a very sturdy base. All in all, I would recommend this burner. But I can think of one major disadvantage of the Bayou Classic SP10 I need to add here.

After your first usage, due to the extreme heat, the paint may chip off. This can create a certain odor. Just because of that, I have already seen some people suggest running the device for a while before the first use. If you are not patient, the paint itself can be unpleasant to thoroughly clean as well, as the chipped paint can stick on your clothing. I am not completely sure what the solution will be to resolve this, but it is a reasonable price to pay for a decent unit ultimately.


  1. 4-Inch Cast Aluminum Burner
  2. 59,000 BTUs
  3. Functionally Made for Stockpots 14-Inch Diameter to 62-Qt
  4. 14-Inch Cooking Surface
  5. 12.5-Inch Tall Welded Frame
  6. 10-psi Preset Regulator with Brass Control Valve
  7. 48-Inch Stainless Braided LPG Hose


  1. Excellent flame size
  2. Compact size
  3. Great controls
  4. Renders a trustworthy cooking environment on a variety of surfaces
  5. 360° Wind protection
  6. Stainless braided hose
  7. Well-built for larger weights
  8. Four-foot steel braided connection line for your propane
  9. Exceptional build quality


  • The paint from the Bayou Classic SP10 might chip off. Due to the extreme heat, the region around the flame (when you first use the SP10 burner) the paint may flake off.

If you are interested in buying the unit, check out the Bayou Classic High-Pressure Cooker SP10 on Amazon here:

In conclusion, the Bayou Classic SP10 is made for those wanting to grill. If you are hiking or at a household, this set has many applications. It could be used to fry a turkey deep or steam an immense vegetable pot. It is also possible to use the Bayou Classic SP10 for home brews. The applications are almost infinite, and you can use huge pots with this system with such a solid foundation. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below!