Best Deep Fryer Oil Filters

Best Deep Fryer Oil Filters

Deep fryers, particularly, large ones can often be a great pain to work with. A way to conveniently extract and pour oil into a storage jar needs to be worked out. It can be hard to dump oil into your storage tub because a big pot of oil can be huge and uncomfortable, and that’s before you even remember the filtering part.

There is a high probability you need a fast and simple way to filter oil if you have a huge deep fryer. Although you can purchase deep fryers that use their own filter systems, it just can’t be done occasionally. Do you already own a deep fryer that you love? Or you probably do not want to pay that much for a deep fryer? I have got you covered either way.

Knowing what oil to use in your fryer and how to preserve it is important for making high-quality fried foods, whether you own a burger joint, an Italian restaurant, or would like to try frying a turkey as a holiday special. Don’t worry! I will tell you how to pick the Best Deep Fryer Oil Filters in this article. I am planning to present to you how to quickly filter your deep fryer oil, and reveal the highest quality products you will need to meet these requirements.

How to Filter Deep Fryer Oil

Using some form of filtering system as you spill your oil from your deep fryer to your jar is the best way to filter deep fry oil. Often that suggests that to filter out the bits of food, you would need a funnel and strainer. Although that can be achieved in any way, it can still be hard, particularly if you are alone.

And you have got to keep the oil pot and carefully bring the funnel back in your container. If you do not use a secure container, it is much harder. This is a major explanation why, after every use, many deep fryer owners do not actually clean their deep fryers. They let leftover food marinate in the oil rather, tainting the oil and ruining it.

Do you know the storage containers are actually designed especially for cleaning out grease and oils? You would not need to filter the oil into a funnel into a jar. You should instead have a storage unit that immediately strains your oil. By having additional tools, you can spill your oil directly from your deep fryer to your bottle.

Best Deep Fryer Oil Filters on the Market

Below is my compilation of the best oil-straining filters and containers that you can find in the marketplace.

Cambom Bacon Grease Container with Strainer

I like the Cambom Bacon Grease Container with Strainer. I would definitely recommend all of you to get this one ordered! It is larger than I had expected, just enough to hold the top of the stove in position. The finish is close to a non-stick base but is safe for the dishwasher. The wire mesh is good, but the floaty bits are easy to throw in the garbage.

I was scared that the smallest bits would not get captured but it was great. The tray on which it sits is not too heavy, so I have got plenty of space on top of the stove. The whole package is made really well, easy to clean, and looks fantastic.


  • Bacon Grease Container lid
  • Well-made Mesh Strainer
  • 1.3 L/almost six full cups Iron Cooking Oil Can
  • Detachable Coaster Tray


  • Heat-resistant
  • Simple to clean
  • Excellent rust prevention
  • Smooth surface


  • The cost might be an issue. I feel like you can get this type of product for a lesser price.

If you are interested in buying the unit, check out the Cambom Bacon Grease Container with Strainer on Amazon here:

Oggi Jumbo Grease Can

I got the 4Qt version of the Oggi Jumbo Grease Can. It is about the size of a regular can of paint without a handle. It is made of what looks to be stainless steel and has a detachable mesh strainer for your oils to collect the gunk. The strainer (no handle on the strainer) reclines into the top of the can and can be left intact with the lid connected. Akin to a Tupperware lid, the lid is made of very lightweight plastic. I am looking forward to seeing how it keeps up with hot oils. Up to this point, it seems good.


  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.25 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.58 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Oggi


  1. Holds up to one gallon
  2. Pouring oil is simple
  3. Well built
  4. High-quality sieve
  5. Secure lid
  6. Comes with a lid to keep reusable oil from spoiling
  7. Solid stainless steel construction
  8. Sturdy


  • I feel that the strainer could be more refined.
  • The strainer allows small particles to pass-through
  • No handle makes it more troublesome to take

If you are interested in buying the unit, check out the Oggi Jumbo Grease Can on Amazon here:

The Skimmer Spoon Fine Mesh Food Strainer Stainless Steel Ladle Oil Filter Spoon for Grease is also a product you could check out if you like. Follow the link:

In conclusion, I treat deep fryer oil strictly when it applies to filtering it. Automatic filtering or draining tools do not come with all deep fryers. Let us be honest, after each use, cleaning fryers is a huge effort. That is why I have outlined a small range of items for you to truly help make it as easy as possible to clean your oil. Clean oil is something I love and you can too. I hope you liked reading this article. Let me know your opinions and inquiries in the comments segment below!