How to Deep Fry Hot Dogs at Home

How to Deep Fry Hot Dogs at Home

For numerous reasons, most of us are snack lovers. Some for comfort, and some for the unforgettable taste. Do you enjoy a couple of crunchy bits to unwind the stress? Are you in love with hot dogs because they are a means of revenue for you? Is it your excuse to grab a hot dog sandwich because of the flavor it gives? Whatever your reason is, you certainly, are not alone!

It feels surprisingly straightforward to deep fry a hot dog, doesn’t it? That’s because that’s it. It’s basically an oil-cooked hot dog. Other than taste, it doesn’t have a whole lot. All of that said, certain stuff you need to remember is still around. A lot of you readers have been asking me to post an article on How to Deep Fry Hot Dogs at Home. So, here we are! Keep reading to find out more! Our tutorial on how to deep fry a hot dog would cover what you need to learn.

Points to Consider Before Deep Frying a Hot Dog

I would say that it is very easy to deep fry a hot dog. But, there are a few elements you need to take into account.

  1. What do you use to deep fry your hot dog? (Deep fryer or a pot/pan)
  2. What temp to deep fry hot dogs?
  3. For how long do the hot dogs need to deep fry?
  4. Deep frying your hot dogs thawed or frozen? I suggest thawing.
  5. Do you plan to coat the hot dog before putting it in oil? (Coat it in batter or maybe even wrap it in bacon)

How Long do you Deep Fry Hot Dogs

If you have experience with deep frying, you might know that frozen hot dogs are a little tricky to cook compared to thawed hot dogs. They really don’t cook as well as they will a thawed hot dog. Deep frying of thawed hot dogs is certainly recommended for even a chef.

If you plan to deep fry a frozen hot dog, though, simply bring it in the deep fryer at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celsius) for one or two minutes, take it out and break it in half lengthwise, and return it for another one or two minutes to the fryer.

A thawed hot dog can be deep-fried in a fryer for two-four minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 degrees Celsius). Depending on the crispiness and brownness you prefer, decide how long you keep it inside.

Equipment to use to Deep Fry Hot Dogs

Chances are, you have got everything you need to deep-fried a hot dog currently. Just about anything can be used to deep fry, all you’d need is a tiny bit of oil and a power outlet. The hot dogs do not have a lot of height if you lay a hot dog flat, but you might only use a pretty short pot/pan. I do suggest something with a lid if you intend to fully drench the hot dogs for a "deep fry." Nevertheless, try using a deep fryer when you do not have a decent pot or pan to use.

Recipe to Deep Fry Hot Dogs at Home

This Deep Fried Hot Dogs recipe comes for six people. The preparation takes around five minutes and the total cooking time is thirty minutes.


  • Six hot dogs (ideally with natural casing)
  • Frying oil (Vegetable/Peanut oil)
  • Six hot dog buns


  1. Heat around 3/4 of oil to 350° F in a wide deep skillet over medium heat.
  2. Pour in sufficient oil to nearly completely cover the hot dogs.
  3. Fry hot dogs for two to five minutes, operating in batches, until blistered and broken (but not completely burned).
  4. Turn hot dogs every twenty seconds or so for even frying.
  5. Transfer fried hot dogs to a lined paper towel tray.
  6. With your preferred toppings and condiments, instantly serve hot dogs in buns.

If you are looking for a quick snack that you can prepare in no time, there is nothing wrong with a deep-fried hot dog. The procedure is easy and fast, and you could make quite a few exciting dishes with a deep-fried hot dog with some imagination. I hope you enjoyed reading this article on How to Deep Fry Hot Dogs at Home. Do you have any queries? Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below!