What Happens if you put Ice in a Deep Fryer

What happens if you put ice in a deep fryer? If you do not know yet, perhaps it would be best not to do anything beforehand. Water has the lowest boiling point, while oil has the highest. And, as you put both combined, an accident will happen instantly. Between the boiling point of oil and … Read more

Bayou Classic SP10 Review

Bayou Classic SP10 Review Do you fry food in your kitchen often? I wouldn’t know about you, but I like frying some HOT stuff in my kitchen and stove top. I fancy having cooked fish, fried chicken, mashed cornmeal. I also enjoy other things that I may have to fry in peanut oil. But I … Read more

The Differences between Deep Frying vs Pan Frying Which to choose

Innovations in the methods of cooking have shown numerous cooking methods, one of which is frying. Having said that, I have attempted to delve deeper to further understand this common form of food preparation. As you all might already know, deep frying and pan-frying are two traditional ways of preparing food. Oil and heat are … Read more