Can You Marinate Frozen Fish?

Frozen fish is a great source of protein, but marinating frozen fish isn’t always possible. Can you marinate frozen fish?Fish is a good source of lean protein, but it can also contain high levels of mercury. If you want to enjoy the benefits of fish without worrying about its health risks, try freezing it instead.Freezing … Ler mais

What is the Best Substitute for Fish Sauce?

Fish sauce has become a staple ingredient in Asian cooking. If you don’t want to eat fish, or simply prefer to cut down on seafood, then you might be wondering what else you can substitute for fish sauce.Fish sauce is a salty liquid condiment produced from salted, fermented anchovies. It’s often added to dishes as … Ler mais

How to Store Sushi Grade Fish

Sushi grade fish is expensive, but if you want to eat sushi at home, you need to store it properly. If you want to enjoy the delicious taste of fresh sushi at home, then you need to buy high quality fish. However, buying raw fish can be tricky because it needs to be stored correctly. … Ler mais

Best Fish for Sous Vide

Do you ever wonder if there’s a fish out there that would be perfect for sous vide cooking? If you love seafood but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, then sous vide might be the answer. This method allows you to cook food at precise temperatures for long periods of time without overcooking … Ler mais