Top 5 Flavorful and Rich Molasses Substitutes For Your Baking and Cooking

Do you love molasses but hate the taste? Are you looking for something else to add to your baking recipes? If yes, then read on! There are several different types of molasses including light, dark, blackstrap, and demerera. Each type has its own unique flavor and uses. In this article, I’ll explain you how to … Ler mais

Molasses Shelf Life: Can It Go Bad?

Do you ever wonder if your molasses has gone bad? Molasses shelf life is usually determined by its sugar content. Sugar is a natural preservative. If the sugar level drops below 50%, then the molasses starts to ferment. This process creates alcohol and other undesirable flavors. 1 In this blogpost I’m going to tell you … Ler mais

Fermenting Chicken Feed with Molasses

How do you ferment chicken feed with molasses? Fermentation is a natural process used to preserve food. When bacteria eat carbohydrates, they produce alcohol and carbon dioxide. This process is called fermentation. In this article I explain you how to ferment chicken feed with molassess. How Does Molasses Affect Chicken Feed Fermentation? Molasses is a … Ler mais