Can you Deep Fry with Olive Oil Yes!

It is an age-old concern. Can you or can you not fry with olive oil? I do not want to speak of myself as an outcast or revolutionary. I am exactly like you. I enjoy eating delicious meals. I like jokes. I like getting freebies. However, there are moments that we must take a position … Read more

How Long Does Oil Last in a Deep Fryer

How Long Does Oil Last in a Deep Fryer? Imagine you are at home or in the workplace. Say you already deep-fried some food but would like to use the deep fryer the day after as well. When you think about the oil wastage, the dilemma is, is it possible to keep oil in a … Read more

Best Deep Fryer Oil Filters

Best Deep Fryer Oil Filters Deep fryers, particularly, large ones can often be a great pain to work with. A way to conveniently extract and pour oil into a storage jar needs to be worked out. It can be hard to dump oil into your storage tub because a big pot of oil can be … Read more