What is the Best Substitute for Buttermilk Powder?

Buttermilk powder is a staple ingredient in baking recipes. But it has become harder to find since its popularity declined due to the rise of low-fat dairy alternatives. What is the best substitute for buttermilk powder?Buttermilk powder is a thick, white powder that contains lactic acid bacteria LAB and other nutrients. It helps bread rise … Ler mais

Garlic Salt vs. Garlic Powder What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered why garlic salt tastes better than plain old garlic powder? The answer lies in the difference between these two ingredients.Garlic salt contains sodium chloride NaCl, which gives it its salty taste. On the other hand, garlic powder has no salt at all. Instead, it’s mostly composed of water and garlic extract.Both … Ler mais