Why Is Prosciutto So Expensive? (Solved!)

Do you ever wonder why prosciutto is so expensive? Well, here’s the answer! Prosciutto is a type of dry cured ham produced in Italy. It has been around since the Middle Ages but its popularity has grown exponentially in recent years. Prosciutto has become very popular because of its unique taste and texture. However, it … Read more

Serrano Ham vs. Prosciutto: Similarities and Differences Explained

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Is Prosciutto a Processed Meat? (Solved!)

Do you ever wonder if prosciutto is really a processed meat? Well, it turns out there’s a reason why prosciutto is often referred to as ham! Did you know that prosciutto was originally called ham because it was cured using salt and smoke? However, over time, this process has been modified to include other ingredients … Read more