What’s the White Fuzzy Mold on Salami?

Have you ever wondered what’s inside salami? Well, here’s a little secret… …and it’s not cheese! Salamis are cured hams that are typically smoked and air dried. They are usually sold sliced and served cold. Thesis… In this blog post, I’m going to explain you exactly what’s inside salami and how it affects its flavor. … Read more

White Mold on Prosciutto: Can You Still Eat It?

Have you ever wondered if there’s anything wrong with eating moldy food? Molds are everywhere! From bread to cheese, molds are found in almost every type of food. Some molds are beneficial while others are harmful. This blog post will discuss whether or not you should eat moldy foods. zD_ljZw6e5c Molds are everywhere! Whether you … Read more