VIVOHOME Deep Fryer Review

The VIVOHOME Deep Fryer comes with timer and temperature control functions. It offers simple precision cooking and an indicator light for your food, presenting crisp and wonderful treats for your entire family. Manufacturing companies appear to be launching ever more deep fryers all the time, which is amusing.

One of the most recent launches is from VIVOHOME, which, as far as I can tell, makes a range of household items as well as a variety of other products for your house. Still, we are here to talk about deep fryers. The VIVOHOME deep fryers look a lot like the other deep fryers out there, which isn’t really a big deal. It has a stylish, long, and slim build that has all of the basic features.

My Review of the VIVOHOME 1700W 3.2 Quart Deep Fryer

The VIVOHOME 1700W 3.2 Quart Deep Fryer is ideal for those hunting for a deep fryer for their home. It is large enough for a family of two to four people, with a 3.2L size. When it comes to bigger foods like chicken or fish, you can need to look for an added capacity, since you will be a little more constrained. But if you don’t mind having an additional batch or two, it will work just fine.

The VIVOHOME 1700W 3.2 Quart Deep Fryer set comes with:

  1. Deep fryer base
  2. Inner pot
  3. Heating element
  4. Lid
  5. Fryer basket with a detachable handle
  6. A magnetic breakaway cord

As I mentioned, you will get a set of components and a booklet when you buy the VIVOHOME Deep Fryer. This is essential because it would make washing a lot easier. Since you could get the electrical area damp if your deep fryer is one large undetachable appliance, you can literally run it under the sink. If your heating unit detaches from your deep fryer, though, you can easily clean 90 percent of the fryer underneath the sink. It is much better after everything disengages so you can use the dishwasher if you want to.

The VIVOHOME Deep Fryer lid is pretty beneficial because it has a dual-layered filter to help remove bad smells as well as the usual clear visit panel to inspect your food when it’s frying. Deep fryers come with a see-through screen as default, but not all of them have a filter feature to deal with scents and fumes.

According to me, the breakaway power cord is indeed the most critical safety mechanism. This is normal in nearly all deep fryers and no one wants to push over oil that has reached temperatures of over 300 degrees Fahrenheit by mistake. These cables aren’t for all of us but they’re there for a cause.

The power cord is also 32 inches long, or just under three feet, which is longer but not as long as other competitors. Another valuable safety aspect is that the min and max oil concentrations are labeled within the inner pot. This will prevent you from overfilling your pan with oil.

This deep fryer also has a lot of power, which is important because it means that your oil gets heated easily and recovers from temperature drops more easily. It has a wattage of 1700, which is close to the maximum for residential deep fryers. Except if you buy a big fryer that needs more, most fryers won’t go above 1800 Watts.

This deep fryer is fantastic. It not only produces tasty food, but it is also simple to use. Since it is not bulky, you can easily take it with you to your family, relatives, or anybody’s home. It also produces tasty food. Those who have never used a deep fryer before should give it a try. Aside from being a smaller basket than I anticipated, it appears to do the job but takes twice as long.


  1. Power: 1700W
  2. Voltage/Frequency: 120V/60HZ
  3. Adjustable Temperature: 302 degrees Fahrenheit to 374 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Package Weight: 7.7 lbs
  5. Timer and Temperature Control
  6. Three-liter Capacity Oil Tank Container
  7. Package Dimension: 16.9 inch x 10.2 inch x 8.9 inch


  1. Removable frying basket
  2. 1700W immersed heating element
  3. Dual filter system to help reduce smells and oil splatter
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Non-stick interior
  6. Cool-touch Handle


  • Limited capacity for some users who use deep fryers to fry a lot of batches

If you are interested in buying the set, check out the VIVOHOME 1700W 3.2 Quart Deep Fryer with Basket and Timer for Home Use on Amazon here:

Steps to Use the VIVOHOME 1700W 3.2 Quart Deep Fryer

The VIVOHOME Deep Fryer is easy to use and functions like any other fryer. I noticed that some reviewers were a bit confused regarding how to operate the VIVOHOME 1700W 3.2 Quart Deep Fryer. Hence, I decided to add the steps on how to use it along with my review.

  1. Simply plug in your deep fryer and set the temperature to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. You must also set the timer, which has a duration of 0-60 minutes. For the deep fryer to work, the timer must be set. This has become a more popular security measure to ensure that people do not turn their deep fryers on for an extended period.
  3. An indicator light will turn on to let you see the machine is on, and another light will turn on until the oil has reached the desired temperature.
  4. Simply add your food into your container until the machine is heated and set.
  5. After that, carefully lower the basket into the fryer.
  6. Once you’ve done frying, put the lid on top of the fryer to avoid oil splashes in your home.
  7. Proceed by lifting the basket out of the oil until the food is done cooking. It is best to strain as much oil as possible.
  8. Empty the food onto a paper-towel-lined tray once you are done. Any of the excess oil is absorbed by the paper towels.
  9. It is also a good idea to use paper towels to wipe down the surface of your meal.
  10. Voila! You are ready to eat or serve after you have made sure your deep fryer is turned off.

In conclusion, the VIVOHOME Deep Fryer is a medium-sized fryer with a lot of power. Although it does not deliver something novel or innovative, it ensures that all of the necessary features are included to cope with its rivals. It is a decent fryer of market-competitive pricing.

With its compact but powerful nature, the VIVOHOME Deep Fryers are simplistic. Simply plug it in and choose your preferred temperature. When you have finished deep-frying, you will be relieved to learn that it is dishwasher safe and moves apart quickly. Simply remove the inner pot from the bottom, and you are ready to wash it. I hope you enjoyed reading this review article! If you have any queries about the VIVOHOME 1700W 3.2 Quart Deep Fryer, leave them in the comments section below.